Winter Service

This is an option we offer – it includes a bimonthly visit from our pool technicians during the winter months – they review the property and make sure all is in order:

  • Water Quality/Chemicals
  • Free chlorine to be maintained between 0.4-0.8ppm
  • pH to be maintained between 7.2-7.8
  • Combine chlorine to be less than 1.0ppm
  • Cyanuric acid to be less than 100ppm
  • Total alkalinity to be 80-140ppm
  • Calcium hardness to be maintained at least 200ppm
  • Application of winter algaecide and metal treatment (if necessary)
  • General Maintenance
  • Keep debris off of pool cover
  • Remove debris from pool as needed
  • Maintain water level below skimmers
  • Blow pool deck twice a month
  • Check for vandalism
  • Check pool twice a month and log in on maintenance log service(s) performed
  • Notify the Customer of any additional action that may need taken
  • Equipment
  • Winterize all lines not in use in pool and pump room
  • Clean and lubricate all pumps
  • Winterize filters if not operating
  • Inspect equipment twice a month and notify Customer of any problems or repairs needed
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