Season Open/Close Services

DPM will clean the pool and make it free of algae on the day we pull your cover.

DPM will complete the following services, where applicable for the pools:

  • Adjust pool water to correct level
  • Drain pumps and hair/lint strainer
  • Backwash and drain filter tanks
  • Open all valves to appropriate settings
  • Store and clean your deck furniture at your pool
  • Remove and store skimmer parts
  • Remove and store all movable ladders, lifeguard chairs and diving boards when required for closing pool
  • Clean chemical feeders
  • Drain and store hoses
  • Lubricate filter system valves
  • Add winterization chemicals to pool
  • Prepare pool and pool-plumbing lines for freeze protection
  • DPM will install your pool cover when applicable
  • Drain and winterize outdoor water fountain in pool area
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